Solar Ray Geysers Installations


  • Location:                                                                                                                                                                      Solar geysers ideally should be installed pointing north and no less than northwest & northeast. Avoid surface areas that have shade from trees.


       For best efficiency try to locate the geyser centrally, or as close as possible to the point of maximum hot         water demand.

  • Water Pressure:                                                                                                                                                          Water pressure needs to be regulated by a pressure control valve (400kPa).

  • Plumbing Size: 

       22mm (3/4")

  • Mounting Points: 



Solar Ray Installation Rough Estimate

 Price's  Included:

  • Labour

  • Solar Ray plumbing Kit

  • Solar Ray geyser


Solar Geyser type

    100L Eletric                Assist

         100L                  None Eletric 

    150L Eletric                Assist

           150L                 None Eletric                

   200L Eletric                Assist


R14 885.00

R14 335.00

R19 100.00

R18 550.00

R22 190.00


R15 285.00

R14 735.00

R19 500.00

R18 950.00

R22 590.00


R15 685.00

R15 135.00

R19 900.00

R19 350.00

R22 990.00


R16 085.00

R15 535.00

R20 300.00

R19 750.00

R23 390.00

In-roof Plumbing Length