Solar and Gas Paired Installations

How its works:


​​The solar geyser does the majority of the work as it is the free source of energy but in winter as well as bad weather can influence the solar geyser dramatically on the temperature outlet therefor one has to turn on the electrical assist (2kw) leaving the customs back at square one on electric power.

The advance gas geysers have a Solar assist function meaning the gas can be paired to the solar. Once the solar is low on temperature or out of hot water the gas geyser will automatically turn on and heat up the water to the requested temperature. 

If the solar geyser is producing high enough temperatures. The gas geyser will not turn on thus saving the customer on gas.

This is the best water heating system a household can have.


  • Endless hot water (As long as there is gas)

  • Adds value to the South African home

  • Super efficient without any convinces

  • 10-year warranty on the system