Service & Repairs

Gas Geyser Services

Gas geysers must be annually checked and serviced to ensure that the geyser is performing at its best as well as upkeep the manufactures warranty. 


Gas on Q services a large variety of gas geysers such as:

  • Paloma - 20l/min & 26l/min

  • Rinnai - 20l/min & 26l/min

  • Bosch- (Standard 6l/11l/14l/18l) (Advance 16l/20l/26l)

  • Atlas- (Standard 10l/12l/16l/20l) (Advance 20l)



Gas lines must be inspected for leaks or damage annually to ensure safety takes first place.

If you think you have a damaged/leaking gas line. Press (contact for quote) so Gas on Q can resolve the problem ASAP.