Gas geyser Plumbing

  • 600kpa maximum water pressure to be supplied to unit

  • Recommended 3⁄4”  water piping. n.b. – 1⁄2” is sufficient where good water pressure is supplied (Advance Geyser).

  • 1/2" water piping (Standard  Geyser).

  • It is recommended that a non-Return valve be installed on the hot water outlet of the unit.

  • A water shut-off valve must be installed on the cold water inlet, recommended use of conex fittings onto unit.

  • For solar-boost systems, water of not more than 75 degrees C should enter the unit, no controllers to be connected (Advance geyser).

  • All filters, including tap filters should be cleaned regularly for optimal performance. An in-line strainer should be fitted

       to the cold water supply pipe.

  • Cold water supply should be as direct from source as possible and balanced pressure where able. This is to eliminate supply pressure reduction on the units when using other non-hot water outlets.

  • Location for the gas unit must be installed centrally, or as close as possible to the point of maximum hot water demand