Gas on Q assists in the installation of domestic gas appliances such as:

  • Hobs

  • Stoves

  • Geysers

  • Fire Places

  • Braai Areas 

  • Room Heaters

There are a lot of rules and regulations in the Lpg industry and every household layout is different from the next therefore its difficult to give one an accurate quotation without seeing the layout of the property.

Below is the BASIC rules to where you're gas bottles can be placed.

Gas Geyser Installations

  • Standard Gas Geysers:

 It can be installed with a gas pipe size of 1/2" for up to 12m on a low-pressure system. Anything over 12m the installation will have to be upgraded to 3/4" pipe on a low-pressure system. To ensure that the geyser never starves for gas.

  • Advance Gas Geysers:

Must be installed with a gas pipe size of 3/4" for up to 20m on a low-pressure system with a 6kg/h MEC Regulator (Depending on the geyser size). Anything over 20m the installation will have to be upgraded to a 3/4" High to Low-pressure system. To ensure that the geyser never starves for gas.

  • What Is a High to Low-pressure system?:

A high to low System contains a high-pressure regulator (located by the bottles) and a low-pressure regulator (located by the appliance) Allowing high-pressure gas to travel faster to the low-pressure regulator where the pressure is reduced to 2.8kpa.


Stoves/Hob Gas Installations

Gas stoves/hobs don't require the same amount of volume of gas as the gas geysers therefor the gas installations can be done in 1/2" gas pipe up to 24m on a low-pressure system. Anything over 24m the installation will have to be upgraded to 1/2" pipe on a high to low-pressure system. To ensure that the stove never starves for gas.